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Additive Manufacturing at Metalmite

We are in the midst of a whole new market here at Metalmite. After 50 years of precision machining with 5 and 6 axis CNC mills and mill-turn machines, we have added a couple 3D printers that are allowing us to offer solutions in hours instead of days or weeks. We have enjoyed the process of printing the carbonfiber parts on our Markforged printer for a while, now we are really enjoying the process of direct metal printing on the 3D Systems DMP 300 ProX printer. We have made several items out of the tool steel product called Maraging Steel. We have interest now in the Titanium products that we can make. I urge you to get your requests in and see what it looks like to get a quote back right away with our new online RFQ button, and see what it look like to get your parts in a few hours!

See how the Navy printed a Submarine! …That’s the promise behind the Optionally Manned Technology Demonstrator (OMTD), the U.S. military’s first 3D-printed submarine hull, unveiled by the Navy on July 24. Fabricated by the high-tech Big Area Additive Manufacturing 3D printing machine at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the 30-foot submersible hull was inspired by the SEAL Delivery Vehicles used by the branch and U.S. Special Operations Command to deploy Navy special warriors and their gear into particularly dangerous areas. Full story here