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Conventional Machining With Mills, Lathes, Grinders and Saws

Conventional Machining Process at MetalmiteAlthough today is the era of the CNC machine, not every job can be performed on a CNC machine. There are applications when a conventional machine is the most efficient method. Such as the need for a one day turnaround, making only one part, or just an all around simple application.

We are equipped with 5 vertical mills, 2 lathes, a variety of grinders and saws, as well other support equipment. With manufacturers such as Bridgeport, H.E.S., Sheldon, Southwestern Industries/ ProtoTrak, and others we have the ability to process the job the most effective way.

Metalmite is your Conventional Machiner

Non CNC Machining at MetalmiteOur ProtoTRAK mills, by Southwestern Industries, are a crossover from conventional to CNC machining. They offer the manual controls that our experienced Journeyman Toolmakers like, as well as the CNC option for larger quantity orders.  We also have rotary tables, verti-vices, and indexer’s to assist in rapid setup and quicker turnaround.


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