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CNC Grinding

CNC grinding is still not as common as we thought it would be by now. We are one of the few machine shops that owns a CNC grinder and uses it daily. We do outside work as well, but predominately it is for our own use. We selected the Toyoda Select G for its 40 inches of travel and it’s ability to grind radii and angles at the same time.

Metalmite uses CNC Grinding to save time and money for finish parts. Our CNC Grinder averaged four minutes per part for the first year we had it! We passed all thread and finish tests that our customers had and the results spoke for themselves. We have been very happy and continue to look for more machines to add to our arsenal! If you have any grinding work that you would like us to look at please send it in at once.

Metalmite has several Inner and Outer Diameter grinders in house. They have a maximum work area of 10” diameter by 40” between centers. We offer CNC grinding as well as conventional grinding capabilities. Our Jones and Shipman grinders have been industry leaders for years and the addition of our Toyoda Universal Grinder has made our grinding department one of the strongest around. With the ability to hold tenth limits and extremely fine microfinishes our customers have been very satisfied.

CNC Grinding Machining Rochester Metalmite

The Facts

  • We offer CNC OD grinding (12 x 40 IN), surface grinding, ID grinding, and jig grinding
  • We can surface grind up to 16 x 32 x 18 IN
  • We can ID grind up to 18 x 22 IN
  • We can also jig grind up to 12 x 24 IN