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Metalmite and Paperless Parts

Metalmite’s President, Tom Gendich,  heard about Paperless Parts through a friend, and what he heard intrigued him. Paperless Parts’ Smart RFQ Form enables customers to request a quote online, ensuring correct and complete RFQs so Metalmite can start quoting.


This welcomed process automation means all requests are now submitted to the Paperless Parts repository. Tom and his team have a single pane of glass into the quoting process. They know which quotes are on or behind schedule, and which ones have been won or lost. This centralized view gives Tom the tools to analyze which jobs are worth his focus and has given him back the time needed to do that.

Having a web-based process for receiving and accepting quotes has allowed Metalmite to concentrate on the most strategic jobs and leverage the digital process to manage many of the smaller ones. Metalmite mailed customers to introduce the Smart RFQ form with a 48-hour turn around guarantee. They also decided that any customer spending less than $30K annually had to pay online via credit card.

Unexpected Added Value

Tom admits that there were some unexpected advantages to using Paperless Parts.

Expanding Business

Optimizing the quoting process enabled Metalmite to offer a new service, metal 3D printing. Smaller margins had traditionally made this an unattractive business, but the automation of Paperless Parts made it a low touch scalable business. Customers order 3D printing online, quickly receive a quote, purchase online, and Metalmite can fulfill the order without ever having talked to the customer. They are now seeking to expand this to generate additional revenue without siphoning resources from more strategic jobs.

Quoting Accuracy

With 25 years of experience in estimating, Tom was skeptical of the geometry engine that drives manufacturability and estimating within Paperless Parts. But he quickly realized that the accuracy rate of this ‘automatic quoting’ was about 80%. Trusting Paperless Parts to do more of this workload enables him to reallocate his time. “I’ve really been pleasantly surprised. With 80% quoting accuracy, that’s 80% of my job that I no longer have to do manually. That saves me a ton of time.”

As Tom explained, “Paperless Parts is more modern than ERP solutions and so much easier to use. The best part is that I can look at our queue of work and organize my day. It keeps us on track and allows us to focus on more strategic work.”