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Why our CNC mills are so accurate

Metalmite made the investment in CNC milling and turning equipment several decades ago, but the dividends are still paying off.  The accuracy of our milling machines are held to extremely high standards. Using our ISO procedures as a guide, we schedule our maintenance and calibration on a regular pattern.  DMG Mori is known for high tolerance and tight precision already, but Metalmite takes that to the next level to ensure long-lasting quality control. Many of our Aerospace and Military customers cannot afford to have variances in the parts we make, so we take great care to ensure they are satisfied. If you want to see the quality for yourself, go to our website today and are request a quick quote now, order from us in the next 48 hours and you will see this unrivaled quality yourself when you open the box.  We look forward to serving you soon.

The best part about 5 axis machining at Metalmite is: It will help increase your market-share, increase your sales and increase your profits. In addition, you get the added benefit of decreasing costs, as well as, product development time so that you can get your product to market faster than your competition. As one customer recently said, “We never thought it possible to get “Near Production” parts right from the Rapid Prototyping phase. This dramatically helped us reduce our product development time and cost. Both us, and our customer, were ecstatic about this ability to move so quickly, and precisely, from product design to an actual physical part that we could test AND show our customer.”

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