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Quality and Safety

Recently I read an article about how quality and safety go hand and hand. You would not normally think these two are related in that way. But the article talked about how the CEO of Alcoa, Paul O’Neill, made it his number one objective to keep the workers safe. From this goal he also increased their quality, their profits, and their communication company-wide! It was a phenomenal feat. When people are safe, they work smart and think clear, We enforce the safety glasses and we publish the OSHA Incident occurrences regularly.

As for our CNC milling and programming we use VoluMill™ within GibbsCAM. This offers expanded milling solutions for cutting methods that maximize material removal rates by building toolpaths that optimally control tool cutting factors. The process automatically takes into account the best option for milling pockets, including the speed of a tool plunging into the material and material removal rates. Variation in tool load is smoothed, allowing the machine to use much higher speeds and feeds.

VoluMill for GibbsCAM is only available through authorized GibbsCAM resellers. Ask for an RFQ today at [email protected]