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3D Printing is at Metalmite

We are always looking for ways to provide faster service while maintaining our strict quality standards. Recently we were made aware of this 3D Printer from 3D systems that can “print” parts in a matter of hours! We purchased th ProX DMP 300 and a Markforged Mark Two printer. We can print 17-4 stainless, a 4140 type of steel, and Aluminium on the DMP 300 and we can print plastic, carbonfiber, and kevlar on the Markforged. We are excited to be able to offer these services to you and others at a fraction of the time it used to take! Ask us for a quote and let us show you the difference. [email protected]

Metalmite Embraces Lean Manufacturing Philosophies: Your Challenges. Metalmite Solutions. Today’s economy creates enormous challenges for our customers. In order to maintain profitability, even viability, they need to get their products to market quicker, deliver a greater value than ever before, and to do it without sacrificing quality. It’s a tall order, but one Metalmite was designed to fill from the beginning.