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CV Joints Finished on the CNC Mill

For years we have been asked to help prototype Outer Races for the CV Joint and Driveline groups that we work for. We have always been able to rough them out and grind everything except the ball tracks after heat treat. This year we explored our options in tooling and quality assurance and found that we could finish the tracks on all 300 pcs for a customer!  We are so excited that our new DMG Mori machines and our partners at ISCAR and Sandvik are able to develop and hold these tolerances!

Metalmite uses 5 axis machining to get the hard-to-reach areas of many parts as well. Our DMG Mori Seiki Mills are the most powerful on the market they claim. But w still have to manually debur parts that come off those mills. That is why our crew and our environment are so important. You buy good equipment, but you can never replace skilled labor!

Welcome to Metalmite! As a full-service machine shop located in Rochester, Michigan, we manufacture, modify, and repair prototype and production parts for a wide variety of clients. What makes us different? For over 45 years we’ve pursued manufacturing perfection with a precise mix of quality, service, delivery and price! This winning combination has helped us earn certification as a Prime contractor for the United States Government, as well as a trusted supplier in many other industries. We use 3,4,5 and 6 axis CNC machining to keep us on the cutting edge of the market. With in-house Wire EDM and CNC grinding we are able to offer full service completion of your project. We are a true single source vendor and one stop shop if you need us! If you are looking for a Good Machine Shop- go to or Call for a quote today at 248-651-9415