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Metalmite and the very precise Wire EDM

Metalmite specializes in very small, very precise aerospace components.  About 20 years ago it became necessary to invest in multiple Wire EDM machines to accomplish this task in-house.

Taken from
“The Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) process uses a thin single strand of wire, which is fed through the workpiece in conjunction with deionized water. During this process, electric current is used to cut conductive materials and leave behind a smooth surface that requires no additional finishing or polishing processes. This process is typically used when low residual stresses are desired as there is little change in the mechanical properties of the material. During this process, the cutting wire doesn’t touch the material. Instead, the cutting takes place when sparks form between the material and the cutting wire. Wire EDM machining is widely used within a multitude of industries for creating components by cutting intricate and delicate shapes in numerous conductive materials.”

Metalmite uses these machines daily.  We cut hardened stainless, titanium, Carbide, steel, and aluminum on a regular basis.