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What is a wire EDM by Metalmite

Many people ask “What is a Wire EDM?” and Metalmite Corporation in Rochester, Michigan has decided to help educate you on what and how and where these machines work. Well known for five axis machining and CNC Grinding already, Metalmite has been using wire EDM for years. The Agie Charmilles cut 200 wire EDM has been our featured machine.

Manufacturing components with high complexity and high tolerances can be nearly impossible to make with traditional machining methods.

Wire EDM is a fully automated CNC machine that can deliver these complex cuts with 100% accuracy.

Unlike traditional cutting, Wire EDM erodes the metal to shape the part. This happens through electricity.The Wire EDM uses an electrically charged hair thin wire to make cuts. The wire carries one side of the charge and the conductive material caries the other side of the charge. When the two touch, a white hot spark is created, eroding away the metal to make the cut. During the cut, the part is fully submerged in deionized water to cool the part and flush away the cut material. Since the water is deionized, it carries no electrical charge. (Dip fingers in the water) The result is a flawless complex precision part you can\’t get with traditional methods. Here at Metalmite we have expanded our Wire EDM capabilities to deliver flawless complex parts to our customers.

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Metalmite purchased this Agie Charmilles Cut 200 Wire EDM from Peak EDM, contact them at (248) 380-0871GF Machining Solutions and Agie Charmilles can be found here