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What is Success?

“Success is doing work that matters for people who care.” -Success Magazine

Metalmite has focussed on success for over 45 years while mastering 5 axis machining and CNC grinding.

Metalmite offers a full line or five axis machining, 6 axis cnc turning, high speed machining, cnc grinding and Wire EDM. We can cut spline shafts, make plastic prototypes, and much more. Look over our website for more information.
Metalmite is a full service machine shop serving Automotive, Aerospace, and Military Industries. We are a certified Prime U.S. Government Contractor, as well as a Sub-Contractor. We work with all kinds of steel, aluminum, and plastic. We have full 3-dimensional cad-cam capabilities and are able to receive most files via e-mail. We offer local pick-up and delivery for all jobs. Metalmite has been serving its customers in this area for over 45 years (Oct 1968) with 10,000 sq.ft. of floor space and 18 employees. Click here for all our services offered
People often ask us what our capabilities are, but this is difficult to answer since we do so much. We have decided to list below all the services we currently offer our existing customers- then you can decide.

Turning, Milling, Grinding- ID, OD, Flat, Wire EDM, Welding, Sheet Metal Bending, Spline Rolling, Shaper Cutting, Hobbing, Gear Grinding, Thread Rolling, Thread Grinding, Plating, Painting, Coating, Etching, Basket Weaving, (Ok I made that last one up to see if you were still paying attention!)

Metalmite is home of,  because my dad always used to say “Everybody is just looking for a good machine shop!”