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6 Axis CNC Michigan

Metalmite was recently asked why we made the investment in to multi-axis machining years ago.  We replied that we saw the huge advantage to 6 axis turning and 5 axis milling right away due to the complexity of the aerospace parts we were making.  Today we rank at the top of the search for “6 axis cnc michigan” for a reason, we were one of the first and remain one of the top sources for this technology.  While upgrading with our customers to now machining Space parts as well, we have found that the investment in equipment and value of top machinists is what sets us apart from the competition.  We have over 30 machines in our facility and over 30% of those are multi-access!  We only use top brands like DMG Mori, Fanuc Robodrill and Doosan.  We believe that without our 6 axis CNC machines we would not have been able to complete the complex machining we have been asked to do over the years. As wrote, “Due to the speed and efficiency of multi-axis machining, it is use in many parts of the manufacturing industry. Some enthusiasts may also use them for their simple DIY projects. The most common application of multi-axis machining is producing complex 3D objects such as turbine blades. This is why it’s very popular in the Aerospace industry. Other industries where multi-axis machining is widely used are:

  • Aviation Industry
  • National Defense
  • Medical Field
  • Medical Field
  • Automotive Industry
  • Energy and Power
  • Die-Mold

Quick Turn CNC Machining is also often use in the production of prototypes and short-run production parts due to its speed. Multi-Axis Machining can also be used to manufacture parts that require cutting the interior where a 3-axis machine won’t be able to access. As the manufacturing industry grows, so does the abilities and uses of CNC machining.”