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6 Axis Turning and Milling- Multi-Tool-Machining (MTM)

In 2004 when we purchased our first multi-tool machine, or MTM, it opened the doors to a whole new world of machining. Customers were able to see the immediate cost savings when we only had one setup to make a complicated part for them. The accuracy increased tremendously when we allowed the machine to line up the next operation. As you can see from the photo attached, parts went from simple to complex in one machine with several operations being coordinated at one time. To have the ability to mill parts on the lathe was a real plus. Then we realized we could also mill the soft jaws and make parts off center. This opened many doors. We started with a Miyano lathe, which is now the same as Citizen Machinery Miyano Co. Then we purchased two Mori Seiki NL machines. These are full 6 axis cnc lathes with milling options on them. We have been more that thrilled with all they can accomplish.  We are now adding the option to do polygon machining with the live tooling. This option is absolutely amazing.  Please take a moment to click on the link and see this demonstrated. We hope to use this soon to help our customers see an even greater cost savings. We look forward to serving you more soon. Send us your RFQ’s and we will look for the best option to make your parts fast and affordable.

Metalmite offers a full line or five axis machining, 6 axis cnc turning, high speed machining, cnc grinding and Wire EDM. We can cut spline shafts, make plastic prototypes, and much more. Look over our website for more information.

Metalmite is a full service machine shop serving Automotive, Aerospace, and Military Industries. We are a certified Prime U.S. Government Contractor, as well as a Sub-Contractor. We work with all kinds of steel, aluminum, and plastic. We have full 3-dimensional cad-cam capabilities and are able to receive most files via e-mail. We offer local pick-up and delivery for all jobs. Metalmite has been serving its customers in this area for over 45 years (Oct 1968) with 10,000 sq.ft. of floor space and 18 employees.

(37) Machines:
(2) CNC 5 Axis Mill
(3) CNC 4 Axis Mills
(5) CNC 3 Axis Mills
(4) CNC 2 Axis Mills
(3) CNC 6 Axis Sub-Spindle Lathes with Live Tooling
(8) CNC Lathes
(2) Conventional Lathe
(3) Universal I.D. O.D. Grinders
(3) Surface Grinders
(1) #3 Moore Jig Grinder
(1) Charmilles Wire EDM
(1) Sheffield CMM
(1) Sunnen Hone

Please go to or email us at [email protected] for more information.