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Saving Time and Money for our Customers

Metalmite has worked very hard to save time and money for their customers over the years. Everything from adding 5 axis machining to CNC screw machining centers that have decreased our leadtime by half.  On this job in the picture we have manufactured these aluminum plates for over 10 years. The original setup was on 3 seperate CNC Machining centers with 3 serperate operator’s. After a few years of having the job repeat, we were able to maximize our CNC Manufacturing procedure’s. We currently use one CNC Machining center and have 3 separate clamp systems that hold the the part through the 3 separate operations. As a one stop machine shop we work hard to save time and money for our customers. We have used several methods learned from our high speed milling techniques that have further increased our efficiency as well. The part has decreased in cost by 50% to our customer and they are thrilled with the results during these trying times.  Metalmite works hard to offer World Class Quality, Service, and Delivery at the RIGHT Price!