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Metalmite is “Going Green”

I must admit that “Going Green” has become a buzz word today that I am not sure I completely understand. For years in manufacturing we have been discussing “becoming lean”, and the strategies of lean manufacturing. We have Six Sigma seminar’s and discussions about lean work cell’s. We look to cut costs by reducing extra processes and cutting out “non-value added” procedures. Metalmite has achieved these things by using 5 axis and 6 axis machining cells. But now we have this new philosophy about “Going Green” and becoming “Green Certified”. These two philosophies are in direct competition with one another. One is about saving money at any cost, and the other is about saving the planet at any cost. I recently received this e-mail from a company offering us a certificate for being “Green Certified”. They said simply complete “a self-certification program that allows you to describe how your business provides a green product or service, or uses a green manufacturing process. When you register, you will answer a series of questions about the green activities your business participates in. Those answers will appear on your certification page along with other business information.”

They are offering me a certificate for $189 per year that says I am “Green Certified”. Does that mean that I am now recycling my pop cans? Or that we will contact the proper disposal companies for old laptop batteries? Well we do both of these things at Metalmite now. I think the concept is that we will be more conscience of the environment and more protective of our natural setting. We like that idea and have lived by that principal all of our lives. There is a concern though that individuals and companies are missing the main point. It is not about having a green leaf on the side of your SUV, or about having a certificate that says you are “Green Certified”, but rather a commitment to protect our world and our environment. We love the idea of “Alternative Energy” and finding ways to use Windmill power and Electric Vehicles. We are on the vendor list for Tesla Motors, I have been in contact with executive management at Aptera Motors, and we have manufactured parts for the GM Volt.  As seen in the picture attached, Metalmite supports the SMART car as well. At SMART Car, System partners on site deliver the prefabricated modules directly to the production line. Protecting the environment, energy efficiency and preservation of natural resources are hallmarks of smart brand. It starts with smart development through to the production of the cars in smartville. The smart fortwo is also classified as an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) due to its extremely low exhaust emissions. Metalmite is extremely interested in the future of these vehicles and what part we may play in their success.  We have added Wire EDM to our list of services, which offers very little waste or by-products in the process of cutting materials. We continue to be “lean” in our thinking and with our price’s, but we are also “green” in our concern for the environment and in our philosophy of manufacturing. Although I am not sure we will be “certified” anytime soon, we can give you our word that we are thinking and acting “green” in every way we can.