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High-speed milling and More at Metalmite

Many times people ask what size parts we machine here at Metalmite.  Knowing that we do a lot of 5 axis machining as well as 6 axis turning & milling, they wonder if we make large or small parts.  It is difficult to answer this question because people tend to hear what they want to hear.  If we say yes to everything they just think we are bragging.  The parts in the picture attached to this post are small enough to put a 100 piece in the palm or your hand.  It is hardened stainless steel and we use very special endmills and high speed machining capabilities to cut it complete. So take a look at our gallery and don’t be one of those who wants to narrow what we do.  No job too big and no job too small!  Please checkout our high-speed milling capabilites here.

Metalmite offers a full line or five axis machining, 6 axis cnc turning, high speed machining, cnc grinding and Wire EDM. We can cut spline shafts, make plastic prototypes, and much more. Look over our website for more information.