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Medical Machining and Metalmite

Metalmite has been looking into the medical machining field for some time now. CNC machining is the process used to manufacture different types of medical tools such as scissors, clamps, surgical knives, syringes, and others. Medical instruments manufacturing uses advanced machining processes that help in producing precision medical tools and equipment required in the medical industry.

Medical machining involves the machining of metal parts, which are extremely intricate and are mainly made from special alloys, stainless, or titanium. Different techniques used in medical machining include 5 axis milling, 6 axis machining, wire edm, and electro etching. Chemical etching machining process is mainly used for producing typical precision medical parts. The medical industry has very strict guidelines and regulations for how clean the environment must be as well as quality documentation. Many of the medical products must first be proven out with a working prototype and then followed up with the small volume production run. This is where Metalmite is able to excel on both sides of the spectrum.

The need for medical machining ranges from contract precision manufacturing of implants and surgical instruments

to cardio/neuro stimulation, orthopedic, interventional, and drug delivery. As well as Prototyping leading to volume production and cleanroom, packaging, and labeling requirements. The minimum quality rating are ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 registered firms.