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Windmill Power and CNC Machining

Metalmite has been looking into opportunities to machine alternative energy devices. The most popular device today appears to be the windmill. Recently a large manufacturing house discussed the need for more precision CNC machining houses to get involved.

The advanced CNC Machining procedures and 5 axis milling reduces the machining and finishing time spent on large parts, such as turbine blades. The modern machine shop must support a variety of tasks such as scanning, measuring and inspection, and cutting. Tools include spray heads, water-jet cutters, chopper guns, and finishing tools. Metalmite has the ability to get these processes done either in house or at approved sources.

The real question is where is this alternative energy push taking us?  We’re constantly hearing reports of  plans to build mammoth solar, wind, and geothermal installations. But in the end, will our increasing reliance on alternative energy even put a dent in overall power use? That’s the question consulting firm Black & Veatch endeavored to answer recently. What the firm found is not all that surprising: the United States’ primary source of electricity in 2034 will be natural gas–the least polluting fossil fuel, but a fossil fuel nonetheless.

There is some good news, however. Coal-fired plants will make up just 23% of the mix, and renewables will grow from 54,000 megawatts to 165,000 megawatts, or 13% of overall power production. The switch to increased renewables won’t be enough to reach Obama’s goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, but the President’s growing focus on nuclear power could help bridge the gap. But do we have enough natural gas to keep our power pumping? (Fast Company, 2010)