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3D From Nothing- Greg Paulsen from Xometry On-Demand, New Titanium Ti6242 material, & VELO3D

Welcome to 3d from nothing powered by metal mix. The show where you learn all about 3d printing and additive technology. I’m your host, Tom Gendich.  Metal mite is a full-service machine shop that specializes in five and six axis. CNC, machining, CNC, grinding while your EDM and 3d printing. We have a 50 plus year.

History in this corporation started by my father, Michael gender. The third I took over as CEO in 2009, and I’m continuing the manufacturing legacy today as a third-generation owner. In these programs you’ll learn. What kinds of printers are out there? What kinds of materials you can print on, who are using these printers?

What kinds of things you should be looking at printing as well as hearing from experts in the field, through interviews that we’ll be conducting as always, you can go to our website, 3d from You’ll find some free giveaways, learn all about what we’re doing. See the links to different things we comment about and learn more about where our name comes from, which was my father, who always said someday we’ll make parts out of nothing.

And that’s what we’re doing today with 3d printing and additive technology.

Xometry- Manufacturing on Demand

From Prototyping to Production:  Xometry offers a range of solutions to help you develop effective prototypes and scale up to production parts. Make custom parts on demand using over 60 materials and 15 processes. Put our network of over 5,000 highly vetted manufacturers and our skilled applications engineering team to work for you.

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Xometry Helps American Manufacturers Better Manage Cash Flow Through Launch of Xometry Pay Invoicing Platform

Enables manufacturers to easily provide payment terms to customers, accept credit cards, and receive job advances

Xometry, the largest U.S. marketplace for custom manufacturing, today released Xometry Pay, its new suite of payment products that allows machine shops and custom manufacturers to quickly accept credit cards and offer payment terms for their customers, backed by Xometry. This product is now available to manufacturers currently in Xometry’s network as well as the broader manufacturing community…Xometry is now the destination for small manufacturers to improve their business efficiency. Whether you choose to accept jobs through our platform or on your own, Xometry will manage collection and offer predictable payment terms to you and your customers.”

Current Events:

The Beamit Group has developed an additive manufacturing (AM) process for Ti6242 alloy, which provides resistance to high temperatures, and has a tensile strength to 1000 MPa and a density of 4.5 g/cm3.The process yields a titanium-alloy product that reportedly withstands temperatures to 550 C and enables printing of complex shapes. 

VELO3D Going Public Will Take Metal Powder Bed Fusion to New Territory

Over the last six months, the additive manufacturing industry has been riding a wave not seen in a decade. In March, the rumors that VELO3D—one of the youngest companies in the metal additive manufacturing industry—was going to go public in a SPAC deal were confirmed. This makes VELO3D the third metal additive manufacturing company to do so in just the last three quarters. Like Markforged and Desktop Metal before it, the decision is being driven by a major surge in interest in additive manufacturing technologies partly due to the coronavirus pandemic. If we’re doing comparisons, however, that’s more or less where the similarities between VELO3D’s current situation and the previously mentioned upstarts of sinter-based metal additive end.

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