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Replaceable Filter Media Cartridge Filter Adapter for Use With 3M Style Bayonet Connection Respirators

Metalmite has proudly partnered a local manufacturer to help keep our first responders safe. We now offer Replaceable Filter Media Cartridges for use with 3M style bayonet connection respirators.

These cartridges are designed to be compatible for use with a wide variety of filter media including N95, HEPA, and 4-ply microfiber cloth.

Molded in the USA in a facility with a wide range of FDA approvals. Filter media cartridges are available in 5 days. Purchase yours here today!

Filter Media:

  • Filters are easily replaceable with a wide variety of suitable media depending on the application, preference and availability of filter media including N95, HEPA and 4-ply microfiber cloth
  • One pair of HEPA filter media included – fashioned from KIRBY MICRON MAGIC HEPA FILTERPLUS vacuum bag material (made from meltblown material, NO FIBERGLASS)
  • Maximum filter thickness: up to 3/16″ (4.76mm)
  • Filter Size: 3.5″ x 4.5″ (89x114mm) – Minimizes filter media waste and maximizes filter surface area
  • Large filter surface area to minimize breathing restriction

Overall outside dimensions:

  • 4.6″x3.6″x0.8″ (117x91x20mm)

Cartridge Material:

  • Injection molded from Polycarbonate – Makrolon 2458-550115. Suitable for ETO (gaseous chemicals) and steam sterilization (autoclave) at 121°C
  • Molded in the USA in a facility with a wide range of FDA approvals

Cartridge Closure:

  • Closure achieved via any type of elastic bands
  • One set of Alliance Rubber Company non-latex antimicrobial rubber bands are included – manufactured in the USA
  • The elastic bands enable the cartridges to accommodate a wide range of filter media thickness’ depending on the choice of filter media


  • Standard Color – Sky Blue
  • Available in a wide variety of colors. Minimum special color quantity – 100 pair

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