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The Specs

Development Time: 2-3 Weeks
Applied ProcessesWire EDMCNC Lathe, and Inspection
Materials Employed: Carbide, High Speed Steel, and Stainless
Industry: Aerospace

Single Point Threading

An aerospace customer of Metalmite’s requested that they machine some ballnut and ballscrew parts for them. The initial difficultly was with the ball tracks that the parts are designed with are not full radii, but rather “ogival” in nature. As the challenge came up, Metalmite was quick to develop a process whereby they could use their Wire EDM to cut the form they needed onto a carbide or high speed threading bar. This process worked so well that they have adapted several variations in order to accomodate each size required. There are even indexable versions now that Metalmite helped develop. The Wire EDM formed bar will do a “single point threading” process on the ballnuts or ball screws and will rough or even finish in some case the ball track.